How to Strengthen Your Legs Using These Exercises for Cycling

​Most of the time, cyclists have weak hamstrings and strong quads. However, cyclists need to know that pedaling faster needs enough strength in both the front and back of your thighs. Also, it requires the power of your buttocks and hips.

So, for a more muscular and stronger lower body, you need to follow these leg strengthening exercises for cycling. You must do them at least four times per week on alternating days.

Best Leg Exercises for a Stronger Legs


Best Leg Exercises for a Stronger Legs: Lunges

Purpose: Strengthens butt, hips, as well as the front and the back of your thighs.

How to Perform the Workout:

Start in a standing position. Then, put your hands on your hips. Try to take a step using your left foot. Bend your knees until you lower them down to the ground. Allow your left thigh to become parallel to the floor.

Force down your right foot so you can stand up properly. Next, you may resume by stepping forward with your right foot. Try to complete at least 15 reps on each side. Then, you may finish the next set backward. Try to step onto the ball using your left foot.

Then, get into a lunge position. Do the same for 15 repetitions on every side. When you execute the two sets of 15, put resistance by grabbing a dumbbell in every hand.

Single-legged Pedaling

Single legged Pedaling

Purpose: Builds up the back of your thighs and hips. Then, allows your muscle memory for a smooth cycling.

How to Perform the Exercise:

Utilize a trainer set using a moderate resistance. Then, pedal for 1 minute with your left leg. You may rest the other foot on the box. Also, you may try moving using both of your legs. You may complete the same process at least three times.

Then, alternate it with the other leg and repeat. If you begin with 30 seconds, you may add five seconds per week until you get to 60. Lastly, you may insert the fourth set.

Stability Ball Hamstring Curl

Purpose: Strengthens abdominal muscles, buttocks, hamstrings, hips, and knees.

How to Perform the Workout:

Lie on your back and put your feet on the exercise ball. Try to inhale to tighten your abdomen, back, and butt. Try to elevate your body to make a straight line from your shoulders to your feet. Then, bend your knees and try to breathe out. Use your heels to drag the ball toward your buttocks. You may return to the initial position. You may complete at least 15 reps. Then, rest for around 30 seconds. Repeat the process again.



Purpose: Builds up your lower body muscles, especially in the leg and glutes.

How to Perform the Exercise:

The squat is a great workout to improve your cycling. Plus, it works the same muscles. Start by looking at the bar. You have to grab it with a medium grip. Then, place the bar on your upper back and try raising your chest. You may begin unracking the bar as you straighten your legs. Then, step backward with your legs straight. Also, lock your knees and hips.

Take a deep breath and lower yourself down. You may push your knees outwards as you move your hips. Allow your lower back to stay neutral. Lower down until your hips are lower than your knees. Then, you may squat back upwards.



Purpose: Strengthens your hamstring and legs.

How to Perform the Exercise:

To execute a deadlift, you have to stand straight. Then, grab the barbell facing the front of your thighs. Try to extend your arms and your palms should be facing back. Next, you may bend your knees slowly. Keep your back flat and slowly turn at your waist. Lower your weight as far as you can.

Pause for a while and try to contract your buttocks to lift the weight back up to the initial position. Take note that this may be an exercise for pro cyclists. Thus, you may start off with a lighter weight load to lower down your body properly.


So you could improve your performance in cycling, you may firstly put a lot of hours working out on the track and the road. But, you can still perform particular leg strengthening workouts in your routine. These exercises will help speed up your endurance, and they may boost your strength. Moreover, weight training may also contribute to enhancing the efficacy of your different muscle groups.

You can use them to the advantage of your cycling at a steady pace for a longer time. You can also use them for powerful and explosive movements, especially while sprinting. What you just need to do is to follow the leg exercises mentioned above and you are ready to go!

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