How to Make Your Bike Faster Using These Eight Easy Ways

We all want a bike that can smoothly run for hours. However, have you ever wondered how to make a bike faster? If you worry too much on this topic, then you are in the right place! You have to realize that you do not necessarily need to spend much on a new bike just to ride quicker. Instead, here are some ways to make your rides faster and smoother.

Tools Needed for a Quicker Bike

● Allen keys

● Multi-tool

● Screwdriver

● Electrical tape

● Zip ties

● Chain whip

● Spray lube

● Lockring tool

● Rags

● Oil

● Floor pump that has a gauge

Simple Ways to Make Your Bike Faster

Here are some hassle-free methods to follow for your bike’s optimum performance:

Maintaining the Bike’s Cleanliness

Maintaining the Bike’s Cleanliness

There's no doubt that cleaning your bike will make it faster. Not only that seeing your bike clean makes you happy, but it will also make your ride more efficient. Plus, it will save you tons of money to replace the parts with new ones when they get damaged.

However, cleaning your bike may be a pain in the butt, right? So, the simplest method to keep your bike clean is to practice a routine. You may take a few minutes after every ride to wipe down each part. Then, you have to clean it after a weekend ride thoroughly. Also, never go to bed with your bike dirty. When it gets dirtier, it will be harder to clean.

Apply Lube to the Chain

Apply Lube to the Chain

After scrubbing away the dirt and mud, you want to ensure that your bike can drive smoothly. So, you need to apply an ample amount of lube to make your chain smoother. Not only that it will decrease mechanical inefficiency, but it will also lessen the grime on the chain.

However, it does not mean that you have to slap so much lube to a point where the chain becomes whiter than silver. What you have to do is to put some lube on the chain as you rotate the cranks. After doing so, wipe the excess off.

Lower Down the Front Tip

Enhancing your aerodynamics will make the bike faster. In fact, some experiments have shown that aerodynamics become quicker in different terrains. But, if you do not want to spend more on a new bike, then you have to lower the front tip of the bicycle. You have to make sure that you ride on a lower position where there is more aerodynamic.

When you got spacers between your headset and stem, it is easy to manipulate. All you need to do is to get rid of the work and take out the spacer. Also, you have to change the stem and put back the spacer again.

Have the Right Saddle Height

Have the Right Saddle Height

It may sound pretty simple, but saddle height impacts the way cyclists perform during rides. Having a saddle that is too high or too low will not only cause discomfort and injuries, but it will also decrease the efficacy of your paddle stroke.

The rule of thumb to the right bike height is that the distance between the top of the saddle and the bottom bracket should be the inseam measurement. Then, you have to subtract 10 centimeters to the value. Thus, if your inseam is 90 cm, then your saddle height should be 80 cm.

Regulate the Pedal Tension

When you don’t properly correct your pedal tension, then you may be utilizing the toe clips. Various brake systems will have different methods to regulate the spring tension. So, you will need to do your research on such matter. However, you have to make sure that you change it to give a tiny amount of float to the bike. That way, it will avoid potential injuries, especially when you hold the cleats firmly.

Assess the Tire Pressure of Your Bike

Have the Right Saddle Height

Before you go on your ride, you need to check your tires. It should be up to 120 psi. You do not need to go higher on the pressure if you want a quicker ride. However, a lower tire pressure of about 90 psi will not make your journeys faster on even roads. But, it will increase your grip, to make you go to different corners faster. Plus, it will enhance your comfort level, especially on longer miles.

Adjust Your Gears Properly

When you poorly regulate your gears, it may ruin your performance. When your bike’s gears keep on skipping their purpose, it will result in discomfort and injuries. So, you need to make sure that they are all working properly to increase your driving efficiency.

Appropriately Regulate Your Brakes

Making sure that you can stop the brakes on your bike is a crucial part of biking. Not only that it will make your rides last longer, but it will also improve your speed. Moreover, you will notice your normal speed gradually increasing when you have properly working brakes.

During winter, your brake pads usually wear and tear so easily. Thus, you need to ensure that you have to tighten the brakes on your bike to keep them on the rims for longer distances. It means that it will have a better braking performance. Then, you might as well check the brake cable for signs of wear and stretching. If so,you can easily replace the broken cables.


We all want to have a smooth and fast bike that will allow us to ride it for long distances, right? But, what can we do if our budget will not allow us to purchase one? Do we have to give up our desire of having a faster bike? No, not at all!

All we have to do is to follow the easy ways to make our bikes quicker as listed above. These pro methods will most likely supercharge your biking performances and will keep your bike going into a longer period. So, what now? Follow the strategies suggested above, and you’ll surely have a faster bike!

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