To Enjoy Cycling and Life

Hello there,

Welcome to Cycling With Me Blog.

My name is Heather Makar, and I’m from Seattle. I’m the main responsible for this little bundle of witty write-ups, a collection of tips, and guides about cycling and bikes.

As you can see, I’m a huge bicycling aficionado.

I’ve had my first bike when I was 4, and it was love at first sight. It was a small ride with additional wheels to keep me from falling, and it was pink all over. I absolutely adored it and even held it near my bed during first years.

23 years later, I’m a freelance coder & programmer, working remotely and focusing on my skills and improvement while producing optimal results and happy customers.

And yeah, I ride a lot.

I own eight bikes now and am absolutely devoted to them. They are my children, my companions, and my highest value in life. My old pink trike is still somewhere at my mom’s house attic, collecting dust, and I still remember it with joy.

I came to an idea to start a biking blog recently, after having a conversation with some friends who are blogging about their passion in their free time.

I realized I’d be so happy to have a blog about bikes, and share my knowledge with people across the world. Furthermore, it will help YOU become a better rider, have (or choose) a better bike, suit your riding style and improve in it, and all there is about cycling.

Speaking of that, I’ve categorized my content around these ideas; to help people regardless of the type of ride they prefer, or the bike they have. Here on Cycling With Me, you’ll have buying guides, lists with tips, in-depth guides, and shorter stories to help you become a better rider.

First of all, there are reviews and buying guides, for all things regarding buying process. I’ll guide you on how to buy a road bike for $2000 and less, or which cycling shoes are the best. Furthermore, you can learn how to find the best mountain bike for women, or which is the best road bike for beginners.

Next, I’ve written many tips and how-to articles for you, including:

How to Set Your Bike to the Right Seat Height.

How to Adjust Gears for Your Bike Using These Simple Steps.

How to Lubricate Bicycle Chain.

…and much more.

I’ve ridden over 50 bikes, and numerous trails, roads, and miles, and I always get back on the saddle with one thought – to enjoy biking and life on two wheels.

I hope you’ll enjoy my articles and learn something new which will help you improve or make a buying decision. I’ll do my best to maintain a steady posting schedule and keep you updated on the latest rides and tips in the world of cycling and biking.

I’m always available for a question or a friendly chat – send me an email on

I wish you countless happy hours on two wheels!