What About Diamondback Overdrive? Is It A Good Option?

What is the right mountain bike for you? These days, experiencing the thrill on an activity is a lot more fun and exciting. That is why many of you would choose to go biking off road with the efficiency offered by mountain bikes such as Diamondback Overdrive. There are several products with different brands of the same bike type and it’s so confusing on what will be suited for your need or style. So what would you choose?

Review Of The Diamondback Overdrive

When buying a product for the first time, like any other buyers, trusting is not easy most especially if it cost much. It’s the same thing in buying or choosing what mountain bike would be great on my preferences and of course budget.


I’m sure, the struggle will be similar for you. No one will surely want to get disappointed in your first purchase. Realizing that, I gather details about this product and come up with a review to help you resolve your purchasing confusion. Will Diamondback Overdrive the one or it’s just another disappointment? Let’s find out.

What Is A Diamondback Overdrive?

This is one of the mountain bikes in the market with promising features. It’s made from a good quality aluminum frame. This is considered a quality bike with impressive geometry that works great in cornering and maintaining balance.

Whether riding on mountain bikes is new to your or you’re quite used to it, you may still think of some exciting ways on how you can ride on it. Well, Diamondback Overdrive offered so much of that thrill.


This bike is manufactured by a known and major company of bicycle brand based in Washington (Kent). This is sold to various countries including Canada, Bangladesh, Australia, United States, UK, and others. Most of these bicycles are being considered as mid- type ones having a costly development prototype in 2011.

Who Is This Product For?

This is an advisable riding bike for beginners. If you’re a starter and want favorable features along with a very affordable price, this would be a right fit.

Key Features

  • Made with quality aluminum frame (hard built)
  • Exceptional value bike with rear and front disc brakes
  • Spokes (stainless steel)
  • Easy roll over on obstacles with 29” wheels
  • Double Wall Rims

Key Features And Benefits Of The Product

Great Bike Geometry

For a starter in mountain biking, diamondback overdrive can be a beneficial partner. It’s one of the quality bikes that you could find in the market of several branded mountain bikes. Particularly, it possesses an impressive mountain bike geometry, which could reveal how it will be riding that bike. With this, you’ll know whether a particulate bike will fit your preferences.

From the angle of the seat tube, the height of the bottom bracket, chainstay, wheelbase, reach, top tube, head angle, front center up to the down tube, it’s notably arranged. Read more on bike geometry here. This attribute will be best in balancing out cornering and handling that resulted in having a steady and balanced ride.

Quality Frame

While it’s created on a good quality frame, it could be disadvantageous concerning the extra weight that the aluminum frame contributes. This means that when biking into a steep hill, you could easily get tired. But if you’re fit enough, this would not be an issue. The Diamondback Overdrive has an impressive aluminum frame, which provides material strength onto the bike.

29” Bike Wheels

If your bike has larger wheels, you’ll suffer from a less attack angle. In other words, there will be less impact in every trail obstacles that you encounter. It then reduces trail fatigue and promotes smooth mountain biking.

In terms of surface contact, having 29 “wheel will let you reduce the possibility of sinking from soft material like mud or sand. This is because of the wheels larger contact cover that eventually increases the traction and cornering. Great stability will also achieve when biking. If you’re seeking for more momentum, a larger wheel diameter such as 29” wheel will roll faster introducing better momentum.


Powerful Tires

I personally like its tires, it’s quite desirable and delightful. It’s designed to traverse or go beyond rougher terrain continuously.

When the bike tire has proper pressure, your whole biking experience, the flat protection and traction will be enhanced. For you to have the best out of your every ride, proper tire guidelines are crucial. It has a good tire power that enables you to avoid consequences.

Suspension Fork

This fork is vital in absorbing shocks that also means less body stress and jarring onto the biker. With that, there will also be less hand fatigue. The fork of Diamondback Overdrive provides you a better shock absorption through its sufficient compression. It allows you to have a comfortable ride even over roots or rocks.

Mechanical disc brakes

This particular disc brakes could have a favorable stopping grip or power compared to rim brakes most especially on muddy or wet spots. This feature will increase your safety as a rider.

Pros And Cons


  • Favorable price for the bike’s value
  • Have impressive tires
  • Fun and great to ride
  • Advisable for beginners
  • Has great bike geometry


  • A bit heavy bike
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Fork

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Customer Reviews (Quoted)

“The tires are nice and grippy, the wheels have stayed true thus far. I do a lot of riding on the roads to get to/from trails, and it's capable on pavement as well. People who don't know much about bikes are very impressed with it, which depending on your personality may or may not be a plus.

The frame fits me pretty nicely, and with the exception of that rear derailleur, all the components do their job well and don't slide, rattle, or loosen up with time. I have a blast with it, warts and all. “


“Suntour fork was not very smooth due to insufficient lubrication. Easy disassembly of a fork, cleaning, and greasing resulted in plush performance. Gearing way too high for an entry level 29er.”


Frequently Asked Questions

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Tips On Purchasing Your First Mountain Bike

Determine Your Budget

How much is your allotted budget for a bike? It’s important for you to determine the particular range of price you’re willing to pay. This will help you save time and effort due to the reduction of your bike options. Anyway, there are worthy bikes that you could afford for just less $800.

Know the Biking Style You Desire

Ask yourself, “What biking or riding style desired to do? Would you want a smooth racing cross country bike, trail riding or mountain cruising?


Know your Option: Would It Be Hardtail or Full Suspension

For more pedal efficiency, and lighter weight, it’s better to go to a hardtail. But suspension, on the other hand, provides more comfort as well as better control.

Find A Good Manufacturer

Having a trusted manufacturer in mind could be a plus in finding the right quality bike for you. It’s better to find a quality seller bikes than those that sell just an expensive ones with less quality.

Final Thoughts

Having Diamondback Overdrive as your biking companion would leave you no regret. It’s one of the refined and comfortable bikes most especially for starters. Noting the price and other beneficial attributes that come along with this, it’s really impressive and alluring. The overdrive’s classic hardtail aluminum is impressive on its capability and design durability. It also comes with commanding disc brakes and provides 24 speeds.

Moreover, the bike’s big knotty or knobby tires show good grip on rocks or roots you passed by. As a biker, this will give you extreme confidence regarding the control over your trail exploration. It’s a good deal for hardtail enthusiasts and even for starters. Beginners will surely have a great time using Diamondback Overdrive.

Having a decent bike with a fair and affordable price could be a vital form of investment. I highly recommend this product.

If you have further queries, just leave your comments below.

Heather L. Makar

My name is Heather Makar, and I’m from Seattle. I’m the main responsible for this little bundle of witty write-ups, a collection of tips, and guides about cycling and bikes.

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