The Best Road Bikes Under $2000 You Can Ride On

I love cycling on a bright and sunny day. I was raised in the suburbs with all the wide open spaces ideal for road bike racing or just leisurely trips into the hills. My uncle, an avid fan of road bikes, introduced me to much heavier bikes and indeed I had to pedal without the advantage of gears. Fortunately, road bikes evolved and today, there are many options to choose from in terms of gears, weight, racing or all terrain bikes. I’m still an avid fan of road bikes and have quite the collection.

Newer technology has piqued my interest in cycling because of all the enhancements and improvements that have been introduced to the latest road bikes. If you think it’s time to start shedding weight or save fuel and wish to do it by cycling, follow my article till the end. I will share with you the best road bikes under 2000.


Ride Harder, Go Light!

If you’re looking for the best road bike, it may get overwhelming as online websites like Amazon have a lot of choices to pick from. I have compiled a list of the best road bikes. What’s more, I took the time to do my own reviews on the top five road bikes available on Amazon. I’ve included some of the pros and cons to guide you in making the right decision. I hope this information will allow you to choose the best road bikes that are up for sale.

Top Five Road Bikes

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Reviews of the Best Road Bikes under $1000

Best Pick For Quality

SAVADECK Phantom 2.0 700C Road Bike

The first item on my list is the avant-garde Savadeck Phantom 2.0 road bike. It’s one of the most popular bikes.

In fact, it is Amazon’s highest rated bike in this category. Recently introduced in the market, it has a rating of 5 stars.

Without a doubt, this road bike from Sava Deck is quite stunning. I love the fact that it is built with carbon fiber making it much lighter than the competition and allowing you to use less energy when cycling.

Although there are a few strong criticisms about its tires, it is minor in comparison to its advantages. The product clearly states the purpose behind its design and materials.

Consequently, if you want a bike that is not prone to racing long distances, there are other options to pick from. For me, this product deserves 5 stars.

User Rating

Things I Like

  • If you’re looking for a sporty and revolutionary road bike, you may want to take this product from Savadeck into consideration.
  • ​The product is ultra-light and saves you energy when riding. Hence, you can keep cycling for longer distances before taking a break.
  • ​Its design enables you to take control of your riding and do it in a smooth and effective way.
  • Its saddle and integrated hollow crankset provide you with a healthy and comfortable riding experience.
  • Finally, the semi-slick hard wearing tires provide low friction as you ride.

Things I Don't Like

  • For one, some customers are not happy with the tire size and the brand of Maxxis. Others opt to replace them with 25mm Grand Prix 4000 s as opposed to the original 23 mm Maxxis tires.
  • Secondly, some bike riders say that the bar tape looks a bit untidy.
  • Finally, despite the beautiful color, the paint seems to peel off faster than other bikes.

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Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 Bicycle

The second product on our list is the Kestrel Legend Shimano bicycle. It’s been on Amazon for a few weeks now and is a favorite with customers.

It has a rating of 4.6 stars. Let’s have a look at why this bicycle is selling like hot cake.

Even though it is pricey, I still recommend the Kestrel Legend Shimano. I like the extent of durability it has in the first place.

Its branded tapered head tube ensures great stability on the road. But, if the price is no object and you are looking for quality, then this is the right option for you. This bike deserves 4.8 stars.

User Rating

Things I Like

  • If you are looking for a robust road bike, it could be your best option. It uses race-inspiring design providing an unbelievable weight-to-stiffness ratio.
  • ​It has a branded tapered head tube that cuts weight while enhancing torsional stiffness for great stability.
  • What’s more, lateral stiffness gets better by H-stays and Kestrel EMS fork that deliver comfort and amenability.
  • The dual-taper shaping increases power to the pedals from the down tube.

Things I Don't Like

  • In terms of assembly, the bike comes closer to 70% assembled and not the 98% as stated. You have to take it to a shop for assistance to get it done. In fact, the brakes are better assembled there.
  • Secondly, in order to get the Kestrel warranty, you must take it to the bike shop for final assembly as a checklist must be completed by the assembler.
  • There is also a distinct creaking and clicking sound after 160 km that comes from the seat post. It has to be adjusted at the bike shop.

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Kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105 Bicycle

The third product on our list is yet another ride from Kestrel. This futuristic bicycle offers more fun and enthusiasm to dynamic and bold road bikers. It was first introduced to Amazon in November 2015. Since then it an average of 4.6 stars along with 26 customer reviews.

I have no reason not to recommend this road bike. Kestrel seems to have made their bike strong enough to take a beating. Among its features, I like the fact that the aerodynamics is improved through the A2 Wind Tunnel.

However, depending on the customer reviews, you need to be adept at bike assembly to put it all together. Yes, there is still some room for improvement. However, taking everything into consideration, this bike is still worth the try. I give it 4 stars.

User Rating

Things I Like

  • This unique road bike is constructed from Enhanced Modulus Hybrid carbon.
  • It is stiff and lightweight offering more compliance.
  • Aerodynamics get better through A2 Wind Tunnel design.
  • Clean airflow is possible due to the internal cable routing.
  • It also includes Kestrel H-stays brand that improves lateral stiffness and power transfer thus improving vibration dampening.
  • The saddle can also be mounted in a variety of positions.

Things I Don't Like

  • If you are not someone who prefers adjusting your seat now and then, then this may not be the right road bike for you.
  • Handlebars, front brake, and seat have to be mounted. If you are uncomfortable wrenching on your bike and fine tuning it, you will have a headache finalizing the assembly.
  • Customers are critical of the instructions that come with it.
  • Also, having specialty tools is necessary, especially a torque wrench because if you clamp too much on the stem or seat post, the carbon fiber can crack.

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Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

The final bike on our list is the Takara Kabuto road bike. It is one of the oldest bikes on Amazon. Although it is not as new as the competition, it has the most reviews totaling 451 with a rating of 3.8 stars.

This bike is one of the best for beginners and you get a quality product at an affordable price. I also like the aesthetics of the bike.

Although a good number of critics claim it can be dangerous to take high-speed corner, that is nothing in comparison to what it has to offer, and with an unbeatable price, I give it a 3.5 star rating.

User Rating

Things I Like

  • If you want to ride a bike without all the intricacies of gears, it could be the perfect bike for you. It offers one of the best aesthetics you can get on a bike.
  • The bike also uses a rear flip flop hub for freewheel or fixed gear.
  • It comes with a Rig-welded steel frame and fork as well as alloy side pull brakes and alloy rims with alloy hub.
  • It comes with a 33-inch stand over clearance.
  • Finally, it is flexible in the sense that it fits riders from the height of 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Things I Don't Like

  • The bike comes in a tool box and requires several tools to build it. You require Allen wrenches of different sizes, and this applies to socket wrenches too.
  • The tires are slightly too wide, and turning can get scary if you are prone to taking them with a single gear.
  • Turning at huge angles at great speeds will cause your pedal to strike the ground resulting in a nasty accident. You will need a riding helmet at all times.

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GMC Denali Road Bike

Finally, we have the star of the GMC road bike range. It’s another great product on Amazon and has been selling since October 2015. With over 350 reviews, it has managed to earn a rating of 3.5 stars. Here are the reasons as to why it forms part of our top five.

When all's said and done, the GMC Denali road bike serves its purpose making it worthy of finding its way onto our list.

As a budget bike, I highly recommend it for beginners that are looking to learn and enjoy their first ride.

Despite some negative feedback, the bike is still a great buy for your money. There, I am giving it a 3.2-star rating.

User Rating

Things We Like

  • If you want an already assembled bike, you may want to try the GMC Denali road bike. It has 21 gears and a lightweight aluminum frame.
  • It offers alloy brake levers and calipers.
  • Its racing rims are high-profile alloy Vitesse racers. 
  • The Revo shifts and derailleurs are available from Shimano allowing for smooth and easier gear change.
  • Finally, it has high performance 700 c tires that are suitable for hard street racing.

Things We Don't Like

  • The bike set on arrival was below the bar and had some damage - it seems to be a common occurrence with many buyers.
  • Also, some customers complain the brakes come very loose whereas the gears and tires are bent. While others complain after a week, the kickstand tends to get loose and falls off.
  • In terms of weight, it is heavier than a normal aluminum road bike.
  • Finally, a few complain the pads are of not good quality.

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My Choice

All the bikes on our list provide the primary advantages of cycling. They are all safe, durable and quality products. However, my top choices are the Savadeck Phantom 2.0 700C Road Bike and Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 Bicycle. They offer the best outcome that customers expect. But out of my two favorites, the Savadeck comes out on top. It is sporty, revolutionary, the easiest to ride and maintain. Price is no objection to me because it offers the latest in technology along with the best quality you can get.

Tips On How To Choose A Road Bike

Comfortable Ride

You will spend hours riding your bike. Hence, look for a bike with a comfortable seat to help you retain the correct posture while riding. It must be able to hold your rear comfortably for hours on end.


Every bike is different. Some bikes are suitable for normal road conditions while others can handle all terrains. Therefore, you should buy a bike that suits your purpose. In other words, choose a bike that meets your needs.


Road bikes come in different sizes. You need to choose a bike that fits your stride so that you do not end up with an oversize bike or one that is too small to ride and handle properly.


Buying the right road bike to meet your needs and requirements may take a while. You need to check every aspect to ensure that you are getting a suitable ride. If you cannot make the time to check, use my reviews before you make a final decision on which road bike to purchase. I can vouch for the Savadeck Phantom 2.0 700C Road Bike as a robust bike that will not disappoint you.

Heather L. Makar

My name is Heather Makar, and I’m from Seattle. I’m the main responsible for this little bundle of witty write-ups, a collection of tips, and guides about cycling and bikes.

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