Everything You Need To Know About The Best Road Bikes For Beginners


As you walk into a bicycle store, there are so many choices to choose from that beginners start to worry. There are hybrid bikes, comfort bikes, mountain bikes, and road bikes. Also, there are touring bikes, commuting bikes, and beach cruise for anyone who wants to get one.

If you are a newbie and you are confused with the choices, we are ready to give you the basics about the best road bikes for beginners. All you have to is to select the type of bike you like and what you prefer to do with the ride.

We get it, you usually just wander around the shop, and you do not have a clue on which bike to get. But, that changes today.

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Best Road Bikes For Beginners Buying Guide

Sportive Bike Versus Road Race Bike

Best Road Bikes For Beginners

The initial question you should ask yourself when choosing your first road bike is: should I choose the Sportive or Road Race Bike?

For newbies and for anyone who does not have the skills like pro bikers, you may need to get a bike that keeps you in an upright position. Plus, make sure that it is comfortable enough for travels. What you need to have is the Sportive Road bike.

Before purchasing the right road bike, you need to look for the length of the top and head tube. You need to remember that as you get a long head tube and a short top tube, this will give you the upright position.

But, if you are already a professional racer joining different events and races, you may get the Road Race Bike. It has a more aggressive and complicated geometry. However, it can provide you with the right aero advantage.

Fork and Frame Material

Best Road Bikes For Beginners

Another factor to consider when you are about to purchase your first road bike is the fork and frame material. A lot of entry-level bikes will have aluminum alloy frames. Others have carbon fiber fork.

The two key areas will give you a pretty great balance between a robust and reliable bike. Plus, if you install a carbon fork, it can absorb well the vibrations and impact.

But, if you are searching for a road bike which is lightweight and has a higher stiffness to it, then you may want to have a carbon fork and frame.

Carbon framed bikes are so much lighter than any other road bikes. Moreover, they can provide more comfort and are faster than other versions.


Best Road Bikes For Beginners

The next thing you have to take into consideration is the model of the groupset. It means the brakes and transmission of your bike. Road bikes usually come with groupsets from manufacturers like SRAM, Shimano, and Campagnolo. Each of them can cater various price ranges, performance levels, and bike weights.

For advice on buying a groupset, you have to go for what is affordable to you. Most of the best road bikes under 500 have cheaper groupsets than other bikes. So, you do not have to go overboard with your budget.

Also, ensure that you choose the groupset with smoother shifting, lighter weight, and more gear option.

Caliper Versus Disc Brake

Another thing to consider when selecting a bike is whether to buy a caliper or rim brake or a disc brake. There are different advantages and drawbacks of each system. For disc brakes, they can provide a consistent power for stopping in dry or wet conditions.

Also, when your ride sprinkles some amount of grit and dirt on your tire rims, you can still use the brake using your disc brake.

On the other hand, caliper brakes tend to struggle during inclement weather conditions. But, they are very affordable, easy to clean and maintain, and will allow you to upgrade your wheels.

Selecting the Right Size Bike

When you choose the ideal bike size, you can make sure that your bike can offer you increased performance. So, this is a critical stage when deciding which road bike you should purchase.

You may head to the nearest local bike store that will give you advice on the right size for you. So, you must make sure that you get the road bike with the right height and dimensions.

However, selecting the right size bike may be quite challenging. Most often, road bike dimensions are in centimeters. However, it may still vary from one manufacturer to another.

Other makers use three sizes while some provide ten with smaller increments. But, each of us has various body size and shape. Thus, it can still complicate things.

So, the most excellent way to pick the right dimension for you is to seek for a chart for sizes in every road bike. You must also try to hang your legs over to the path bikes before you consider buying them.

If you do not have a short spin on the bike, then the bike is right for you. Moreover, you should try standing over the bike frame with a few centimeters spaces between you and the top tube. If you cannot hang your legs, then the bike is too big for you.

Fit of the Bike

Best Road Bikes For Beginners

There are bike stores that offer services for a bike fit. They will give you professional advice, and they can even try measuring you on the bike to make sure that you get the right road bike.

There are a few sections of the bicycle that you can also alter when you figure out the ideal fit. Also, you can always adjust the fore after and the height of the saddle.

Moreover, you have to just lower or raise the handlebars with the spacers. The stems can also come in a variety of lengths. They will provide you with the right reach. When you choose a road bike, you have to spend most of your time in just a single position.

On the other hand, on a mountain bike, you have to shift around. When you allow yourself to be in a wrong or awkward position, it may lead to backaches and body pains.

Later on, these may also progress to injuries. So, it is better to get the place and the fit of your bike right to avoid any injuries.

5 Best Road Bikes For First-time Bikers Reviews

Here is a list of the top road bikes for entry-level biking:

Best Pick For Quality

GTM 700C 18 Speed Full Carbon Fiber Road Bike

The latest GTM 700c carbon fiber road bike has an attractive design. Moreover, it can offer you durability and comfort while riding in different terrains.

Thus, if you want a ride that offers convenience and style, this is the one you should get. It is an ideal choice for users wanting to commute from school or work. You can use this as for park biking as well.

It can offer you its racing fork and frame design. Plus, it is very lightweight to use because of its mountain frame. It also comes with a suspension fork for a more smooth and controlled riding experience.

The road bike also has a Shimano Sora 3500 front and rear derailleur. It can assure you of a more accurate shifting. Also, the bike has a high-quality saddle and double-walled side rims.

User Rating


  • First and foremost, this bike looks elegant and innovative.
  • For a smoother ride in different terrains, whether smooth or rough, this is the perfect bike for you.
  • Also, it has high-quality materials that can assure you of a long-lasting performance.
  • Plus, this road bike makes sure that you have more precise shifting and movements.


  • Just like any other bikes, even though this bike has premium quality materials, you need to replace the parts after a few months.
  • In case you used this mountain bike in off-road paths, you need some checking and maintenance after the intense activity.

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Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Century 2 Ready Ride Complete Road Bike

So, what can you expect in the new Century 2 road bike? You can assure that it feels like home while you are on your journey. It has a complete design that can supervise your everyday errands.

In fact, it has a durable Aluminum frame that has an improved performance geometry. It has a higher head tube than any other road bikes too. So, it can help the biker balance his upright position. At the same time, it is more comfortable than the other versions.

It is a bike that will guarantee that you can enjoy your ride every single time. Not only that it helps you enhance your performance level, but it also provides faster braking system.

It has hydraulic brakes, Shimano Ultega 11-Speed, and 28C Michelin tires. Thus, these factors can make sure that the bike compliments both performance and platform.

User Rating

For people wanting a bike that will accompany them with their daily exercises, this is also the right one for you. The Century 2 can offer you longer strides compared to other bikes.

But, don’t worry, it can’t drain your muscles. And if you want a more upright position while riding, this bike won’t ever disappoint you.


  • I just love how the bike looks. It looks sophisticated, yet it feels like you can bring it anywhere you like.
  • This bike has high-quality of tires and wheels. They can extend their lifespan.
  • The Shimano parts of this road bike also add a lot of advantages, especially for smooth riding.
  • Century 2 road bike is an ideal bike for entry level. Overall, this is a great bike for those people wanting to start biking.


  • Over time, you need to replace some parts to upgrade.
  • Also, after every rough terrain, you have to expect that you have to go to repair shops to check the parts. Most of them may need some adjustments.

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Giordano Rapido Single-Speed Road Bike

The Rapido Road Bike may keep things pretty light and straightforward. However, you can find a durable aluminum frame with dropouts horizontally positioned. It can surely adapt to any terrains available.

You can use the Rapido bike with a standard freewheel or a fixed gear. But, it’s all because of its flip-flop hub. The 32-hole alloy wheels can roll to Kenda 700x32 tires. These can handle rough roads.

Plus, it contains a steel fork and an aluminum frame. The rims of this bike are also alloy. Plus, it has alloy side-pull brakes. You can choose to assemble this bike. But, for safety purposes, you can head to a professional to install it.

User Rating


  • The Rapido Road Bike is easy to put together.
  • Also, you can take this bike anywhere you like. It can hold up pretty well to obstacles and rough roads.
  • The tires of this bike also look pretty durable and attractive. Then
  • Then, the design is simple with black and white color.


  • During the first tries, the brakes are not in the position where I want them. However, I adjusted it quickly.
  • Also, the valve stem messed up. So, I have to bring it to a repair shop to get fixed.

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The GMC Denali Road Bike

The GMC road bike features a super light aluminum frame. Also, it has alloy brake levers and calipers.

The bike also gives off high-quality alloy Vitesse rims. Plus, the GMC has Shimano Revo shifts and derailleurs.

Thus, it is faster and easier for you to change gears. Lastly, it comes with 700c tires for street racing.

User Rating


  • The bike is fit for entry levels because it is easy to use and manipulate.
  • This is also a great invest because of its value and price.
  • Also, this is probably one of the lightest bikes I’ve used so far.


  • You can easily scratch the frame of this bike. So, you need to be careful when cleaning and using it.
  • The brakes and the gears are somewhat far from each other. Thus, you still need to seek the help of an expert to adjust them.

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Some bikers, especially beginners, believe that finding the right road bike is a challenging task to fulfill. However, that is not the case. You see, looking for the right bike just needs some perseverance and research. You have to search for the right features, size, and fit of the bike.

However, for entry-level biking, the GMTC 700c carbon fiber road bike is on top of the list. Not only that the parts of this bike are easy to assemble, but the bike is also very comfortable to use.

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