A Complete Guide To The 5 Of The Best Mountain Bike Helmets

Why do you need to purchase a bike helmet when you are riding a bicycle? Helmets protect you in the entire riding situations, especially in places that implement laws requiring their use.

By law, helmets in the United States must follow the standards provided by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Organizations endorse some of the head gears such as the non-profit Snell Foundation.

Moreover, tests have guided manufacturers make helmets that are comfortable, lightweight, and can handle high impacts. There are so many helmets out there for you.

Some are popular, and others are not. With different innovations and brands available on the market today, it is challenging to choose the best mountain bike helmets.


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Various Types Of Mountain Bike Helmets


Headgears may come in three different kinds: road, recreational, and mountain. All of these kinds will ensure you of the protection you need against head impact. Plus, they are very comfortable and lightweight. Here are the differences of each type:

Recreational Helmet

These are the most economical option for the commuter, recreational, mountain, and road bikes. They are also well-known with inline skaters ad skateboarders. They come with visors to protect the user’s eyes from the sunlight.

Road Bike Helmet

These are for road enthusiast that offer ventilation, little weight, and aerodynamic feature. These headgears do not usually have visors. That’s why they are lightweight and offer an obstructed view, especially when you are in a crouching position while riding.

Mountain Bike Helmet

These are for Cyclo-cross riders. They provide enough ventilation at low speed. They have a well-enhanced rear head cover and have a secure fit. Thus, they are suitable for rough terrains.

Some of these helmets offer a full-face coverage that park riders and downhill mountain bikers want.

How To Choose A Mountain Bike Helmet


Here are some of the most significant factors and features you need to search for in a helmet:

Construction of the Helmet

A lot of head gears utilize an in-mold construction. It is a well-known method that links an inner liner with the outer shell without glue. It results in a light, but durable design.The weight won’t cause a massive impact for occasional racers and cyclists. However, pro riders want their weight-saving feature.

Shell of the Helmet

A majority of cycling head gears have covers that provide plastic shells to hold them together, especially in a bike crash. Also, they offer puncture-resistant features. It will enable the gear to slide on high impact to protect your neck and head.

Liner of the Head Gear

Most of the lining of helmets have expandable polystyrene foam. On a collision, the lining drives away the pressure to protect your neck and head. But, you need to ensure the liner fits well in your head.

MIPS Technology

Other helmets will provide a technology called the Impact Protection System or MIPS. It is a process of making the helmets that provide enough protection from forces during a bicycle collision.

Helmets with MIPS innovation will have a low friction lining that enables the helmet to absorb the impact.

The foam liner will slightly allow you to rotate your head during a bike crash. But, it will only move for a few millimeters. It will decrease the rotational impact that will transfer to your brain during impacts.

Other Vital Features Of Biker Helmets


Here are the additional features you need to look for in a head gear:


Other riders want to have a shielded screen connected to their helmets to provide sun protection. A display is typical on a mountain bike helmet. However, it adds more weight and a little wind resistance.


Helmet ventilation will improve the wind-flow. So, it will keep you more comfortable and cooler as you ride your bike. The more ventilation the gear provides, the lighter it will be.

Full-Face Protection

Other bike helmets have coverage to the chin to give your face enough protection for park riding and downhill mountain biking. Some racers also enjoy this extra feature for difficult terrains.

Helmet Straps

The straps will provide comfort. Plus, they are easy to clasp and unfasten.

Hair Port

Some headgears will come with straps that can accommodate your ponytails.

Finding The Ideal Sized Bike Helmet


When selecting a mountain bike helmet, a well-fitting gear is crucial. Most helmets will come in small, medium, large, and XL sizes. To look for the right size helmet, you have to use a tape measure around the biggest part of your head.

Most probably, this will be around 1 inch on top of your eyebrows. You can also choose a ribbon or a string to wrap around your head. Then, you have to determine the length of your string.

Adjusting Your Bike Helmet


A well-fitting helmet should be snug enough, but it won’t be too tight. It should have a level close to your head and with a front edge about 1 inch or less atop your eyebrows.

By doing so, you protect your forehead from the impact. You have to push the gear from each side and from back to front. If you notice that it shifts, you have to adjust the helmet.

Next, you have to regulate the fit by expanding the regulating wheel before you put the helmet on your head. Helmets usually come with a sizing wheel.

Once you wear the helmet on your head, try to make contact with your head. Then, you have to tighten the ring of the regulator until it fits well.

Moreover, you need to fasten and tighten the chin strap. The straps should come up with a V shape as you put them below your ears. Also, you need to regulate the straps around your ears until they fit comfortably.

Lastly, as you buckle the chin strap, you have to open your mouth wide enough. The gear should press above your head. If not, you have to tighten it once again. But, remember not to tighten the strap too much until it becomes uncomfortable.

6 Best Mountain Bike Helmets

Here’s a complete list of the top bike helmets:

Fox Flux Helmet

The Fox Flux Helmet has the latest innovative design for a mountain bike helmet. It has a low EPS rear status.

Also, it comes with 17 large vents that will allow the optimum level of airflow to your head.

Plus, it has a complete mountain coverage suitable for mountain and road terrain.

User Rating


  • The Fox Flux Helmet is well-constructed. It is durable and reliable to use.
  • Also, you can use it for recreational purposes and rough terrains. It will provide you with enough protection, especially for your neck and head.
  • They have high-quality materials and safety features.
  • Plus, they can offer you enough protection and comfort for all kinds of roads.
  • Lastly, it is lightweight, and it provides the optimum level of airflow.


  • I was impressed with the construction of this helmet. Unfortunately, for bigger or smaller heads, the fit of this head gear fails to execute well. Either it is too small or too big for your head.

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THE Industries T3 Shield BMX

The T3 Shield BMX is one of the latest generation of helmets coming from THE Industries. It has an iconic style. Plus, it has high-quality materials combined with modern innovation that will bring the best looks in your head gear.

The T3 Shield BMX helmet comes with a beautiful styling. But, it can still retain its durability from a full-coverage helmet.

However, you won’t have to pay that much. It is very affordable. Also, it is an AS/NZ CPSC/CE and ASTM Certified headgear. So, you will know that you have a maximum amount of safety and protection.

The plastic shell of this helmet comes with ten exhaust vents and five intake vents. It will keep your head well-ventilated even when you are riding on rough terrains.

The helmet has washable, removable, and replaceable cheeks and liner pads. The T3 Shield BMX has six available adult sizes. Also, it comes in 7 different colors for every personality. Lastly, it will offer a snug fit.

User Rating


  • The T3 Shield BMX is a decent head gear that’s affordable for everyone.
  • It has durable materials that are suitable for a park, freeride, mountain, and downhill biking.
  • Moreover, it is well-padded and comfortable to use.
  • Plus, the events will offer optimum ventilation.
  • Also, it is a great looking helmet. The materials are very stylish.
  • It is lightweight, and it fits perfectly on every size of the head.


  • If you are going to mount an action camera or a GoPro, you cannot use it in this helmet. The accessories you want to put on this helmet won’t work because the lines are just too aggressive.
  • The white color of this helmet becomes dirty so quickly. Thus, this may not work for difficult, dusty, and muddy pathways.

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A1 Helmet Troy Lee Designs

The Troy Lee Designs does not joke around when it comes to their innovations, especially in protecting your head.

The helmet will cover your head, so you will not get hurt in challenging roads. It also has air vents carved for optimum levels of ventilation. Also, you can easily adjust it. You can regulate it to loosen or tighten the straps.

Furthermore, it comes with a polycarbonate shell and EPS foam. So, you are ensured of enough coverage and protection. Troy Lee Designs added 16 different vents to let the air in and out of the head gear.

Then, there is a synthetic lining with Cool Max padding for moisture management. It has a fit adjustment system that has a cam-lock stabilizer. Lastly, you can use it for cross country or mountain biking.

User Rating


  • The Troy Lee Designs has a stylish graphic design.
  • Then, the helmet is also very durable and comfortable to use.
  • I have used this headgear for a few months now. So far, you can use it in any weather conditions.
  • Also, this is an excellent quality helmet with the cost-effective property.
  • It comes in various colors. So, you can choose whatever you want.


  • The sizing of this helmet is quite hard to adjust. You might end up with a loose or tight helmet.
  • The interior padding is quite free. The Velcro padding does not align pretty well.

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Fox Head Flux Helmet

The Fox Head Flux Helmet has all-mountain coverage. Plus, it comes with deep rear EPS status for extra coverage and protection. Also, it comes with 20 big vents for optimum level of airflow. It provides Detox retention system and temperature control.

The head gear can fit perfectly, and you can remove the visor so quickly. Moreover, it passed the test standards for quality and safety. It fact, it already passed the CPSC, AS/NZS and CE tests.

User Rating


  • It comes with an excellent fit.
  • Also, the Fox Head Flux Helmet is very durable and functional.
  • Moreover, it has a Detox retention system for extra comfort.
  • The Fox Head Flux head gear is also easy to adjust to your head’s shape and size.
  • It has a matte finish for every helmet.
  • Also, it can provide enough padding to absorb impacts and bumps.


  • The only downside of this helmet is that it is enough heavier to use than other helmets of the same style and price.

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Triple Eight Certified Helmet

The Triple Eight Certified Helmet comes with EPS liner. It is such a streamlined feature in the shape of the Triple Eight. So, it is ideal for both bike and skate use.

Also, it is a perfect combination of both style and protection. The helmet complies with the United States CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle headgear and ASTM for safety standards.

Also, this model meets the terms of the CE EN, meaning that you can use the helmet for skateboarding.

Also, you can utilize it for cycling and roller skating. Furthermore, it is perfect for long boarding and roller blading.

User Rating


  • The helmet has excellent-looking materials. They don’t look cheap to use.
  • Also, the Triple Eight headgear comes in solid colors for different preferences.
  • The helmet has air holes for enough ventilation.
  • The Triple Eight helmets are ideal for cycling, skateboarding, roller skating, and other recreational activities.
  • Moreover, it is lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • The helmet fits well and is quite sturdy to use. It can even absorb impacts.
  • The Triple Eight head gear is worth every cent. It boasts its maximum comfort and protection while maintaining its low price.


  • The sizing of this helmet is quite confusing. It runs larger than my head. So, I need to buy a new one with the smaller size.
  • I got a different size. So, I would suggest that you measure your head before you purchase one.

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Bell Super 2R MIPS-Equipped Bike Helmet

The Bell Super helmet proves its all-mountain performance level and adaptability. It has a design suitable for off-road paths.

So, you can confidently tackle difficult terrains with style and comfort.

Moreover, it comes with a removable chin bar, making the Super 2R the very first to become the two helmets rolled into one.

All you have to do is to remove the chin bar and stow it in your backpack, or you can rack it on your uphill adventures.

You can even lock it securely when you are ready to conquer tough pathways. It is easy to set up. It will only need a few minutes of your time.

Then, it has an Overbrow Ventilation and Tag FIT system for a different kind of innovation. Plus, you can mount your cameras on this helmet without any worries that they would fall.

User Rating


  • The Super 2R comes with a removable full-coverage guard for extra protection.
  • It is such an incredible helmet with an affordable price.
  • Plus, it fits perfectly to your size.
  • It comes with removable pads, which adds protection and comfort.


  • The downfall of this helmet is that it cracked on both sides after a few tries.
  • Plus, it could come very narrow for my head.

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You have already learned that a mountain bike helmet will help protect your neck and head from any potential injuries. But, you need to take note that the best head gear will provide not only a full coverage but also comfort and ventilation.

You can find all of these features in the Fox Flux Helmet. It is durable and reliable to use for mountain biking. Plus, it provides enough ventilation and support for your head and neck.

That’s why a lot of people are getting hooked with this helmet. But, of course, your personal preference still matters in choosing the best helmet. If you can find the right head gear for you, then you’re off to go!

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